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Monday – Friday : 9am – 5pm // Saturday : 10am – 3am

  • MAC, PC & Laptop Repairs in Barnes, SW13

    If you’re Mac, PC or laptop computer isn’t working properly, you can’t afford to just ignore the problem. Computer issues don’t just restore themselves, but can get whatever is wrong with your computer fixed without major interruptions to your daily routine.

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  • Data Recovery Services in Barner, SW13

    You didn’t think that file was anything important, but now that you’ve deleted it, your computer isn’t working properly. You can’t believe you accidentally deleted that important file for work or school.

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  • Hardware & Software Installation in Barnes, SW13

    Have you recently purchased a new computer that you need to get up and running or have you invested in a new operating system or program that you can’t get installed on your own? is here to help with our Hardware and Software Installation services.

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  • Wired and Wireless Network Setup in Barnes, SW13

    Having trouble connecting to the Internet at home or at work or are you experiencing other problems with your network? Spare yourself the hassles and frustrations of trying to work through your Internet service provider and call the professionals at

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  • Web Design and Development in Barnes, SW13

    Today, it’s just not possible to dominate the market in any industry without an online presence. Even if you provide services or goods directly to customers through a brick and mortar location, the majority of consumers and businesses use the Internet to conduct research before they buy. If you don’t have a web presence, you won’t stand at a chance at getting their business, but can help you build a strong web presence that will help you support sales and grow your business.

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  • Virus Removal and System Optimisation in Barnes, SW13

    Is your computer suddenly moving slower than ever before? Will your user profile no longer load? Have files become corrupted? Are you getting an abnormal number of pop-ups or are ads suddenly everywhere when you try to surf the web?

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  • On-Site and Remote Support Service in Barnes, SW13

    Got a problem with your computer or a particular software program? Trying to call the manufacturer for tech support will often get you nowhere, and in some cases, you may have to pay a high price just to speak to someone you can barely understand who isn’t even an expert in computers.

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  • Local and On-Line Back-up Deployment in Barnes, SW13

    What would happen if your computer suffered a major crash or you ended up with a virus and lost everything? With a personal computer, you may lose years’ worth of precious photographs, a fortune in downloaded music and videos and important documents that you can never replace. For a business, major data loss could make it impossible for you to continue your daily operations, and in some cases, could end up shutting your business permanently.

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  • Data Transfer and Email Configuration in Barnes, SW13

    Upgrading to a new computer can allow you to work more efficiently, complete tasks at a faster pace and enjoy better graphics and sound than ever before. Unfortunately, it also means having to take the time to migrate all of your data from one computer to another and get all of your settings just right on your new machine.

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